Unanswerable questions by Monic

Indonesian, Communication Arts student, living in the Philippines, petite yet big



My Professor sent this to me. How lovely! 
Puto Bungbong. Trafition Filipino food #fotd (at Museo Ning Angeles)
Miss u.
Time check 12:25, we are still twerkin’. (at The Coffee Acad Anex)
Blessed Sunday! Church before get back to worky worky. (at Christian Life Worship Center COGIC)
Saw this at Korean Resto.      And maybe we will. (at Oppa Korean Restaurant (Walking Street))

Hello, how you doin? Glad I crossed your path today. I know I’m nothing really special but I’ve got a lot to say.

Happy Birthday to a good friend, mentor, sister of mine in the Philippines!


I’ve been doing this short clip like every birthdays. Maybe this hobby of mine shall be something that earns in near future. And, I also want someone to make this little sweet thing for me. Or maybe sweeter like Jack Harries’ surprise visit video to his girlfriend.


Psalm 37:4

“I got no time for boyfriend, I even went home around 2 in the morning like everyday and I’m busy on weekend.”


- I just told my mom.

I do really think my mom will be one of big factors in choosing boyfriend. Because its hard keeping someone that my mom doesn’t fancy.

Happy Birthday, Mommy!